07 October 2018 @ 02:15 pm
FAKE: (Challenge 7 - Duran Duran songs) Promises  
Title: Promises Follows Preferences, but can be read as a stand-alone
Author: [personal profile] enchanted_jae
Characters: Dee/Ryo
Rating: PG13
Warning(s): Strong suggestion
Word count: 416
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of Sanami Matoh, et al. This drabble/fic was written for fun, not for profit.
Written for:
♦ JMDC No. 152 - enjoy the sunshine
♦ Gift for JMDC No. 151 winner [personal profile] badly_knitted, who requested Dee/Ryo, scrunching through fallen leaves
[community profile] ficlet_zone Prompt No. 7 - Duran Duran songs. I chose Anything for You, Beautiful Colours, Perfect Day.
[profile] dove_drabbles Prompt No. 73 - Treat or treat (Who needs tricks?)
Summary: Dee knows how to end this perfect day on a perfect note.